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I’ve inherited my healing ability from my father’s lineage. I’ve dedicated my life to study and spiritual practice from various masters for more than 25 years. By now I’ve become the channel of a totally new energy.

Edina Kozma

Group session

We start with an opening circle to make clear what is brought into the ‘common ground’ by each individual (sharing as much as you want). After...

Online session

It is possible to transmit energies over any distance and this form of energy can be very effective. The energy can be accessed easily from...

Private session

This deep cleaning, that happens on every level, is usually theme-orientated. Some examples: Psychic wounds behind disease Emotional bonds tying...

Therapy for

    • Psychic wounds behind disease
    • Emotional bonds tying you to the past
    • Emotional problems
    • Inherited problems
    • Sexual inhibitions
    • Depression
  • Identity crisis
    • Life orientation
    • Spiritual confusion
    • Energy blocks
    • Fear
    • Addictions
    • Find your own spiritual guidance and path
  • Find your life purpose

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