Group session

Advanced group sessions to keep your frequency high. Online via ZOOM. Mainly for those who have already participated at least 3 private sessions or for those who are able to sit in silence introspectively for an hour.

Group sessions are recommended for further development and keeping your frequency high. If your soul has already tasted a life that can be lived well you should avoid fallbacks that can cause unnecessary suffering, otherwise this is a great opportunity to experience it for the first time. Duration: max. 120 minutes (2 hours). We start with an opening circle to make clear what is brought into the ‘common space’ by each individual (sharing), I share recently received messages.

After that I attune the participants individually. Then (if you like) I pass the message, via WhatsApp, of your Guide(s) and specify which area/problem will work on during the session. Everyone can immerse in the energy on their own way and deepen in it. It can be an active or silent meditation as well. E.g. sitting meditation, painting, drawing, writing etc. At the end of the session we have a closing circle where we put together, like a puzzle, what each of us has experienced/received during the session (sharing). Usually the message of the actual day comes to light through more people as all of us are sensitive in various fields, in different depths. We can learn a lot from each other. In the meantime questions can be put that might be interesting for others as well – although personal questions are better to be asked during private sessions.

Price: €20/session.
Schedule: every Wednesday 5-7 pm, and Sunday 2-4 pm (UTC±00:00, Portugal). You can make an appointment for any scheduled session whenever you feel like you need an attune. Continuous presence in all sessions is not necessary, this is not a course.

In order to participate you need to make an appointment. The maximum number of people are 6 people.

What I”ll need is your WhatsApp contact. Two whole body photos of you, front and back, on which your hands and feet clearly visible.


Time zone: UTC±00:00, Portugal
January 2021
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